Waterside Training specialises in Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeship Programmes to develop into one of the following careers;

Engineers work as part of a team to provide engineering support to multi-million pound plant operations, to maintain and repair equipment to improve efficiency and product quality along with carrying out fault finding diagnosis and problem solving.

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeships typically involve carrying out fault diagnosis and maintenance on mechanical equipment such as gearboxes, pipework, conveyors, chain drives, pumps, hydraulics and pneumatic systems.

Electrical Engineering Apprenticeships involve carrying out fault diagnosis and preventative maintenance on electrical equipment, such as motors, control units, PLCs, sensors, instrumentation, distribution systems and switchgear.

Design Apprenticeships are based on providing support for all areas of the engineering function. Typically, apprentices will be involved in understanding problems in detail, developing solutions, working with CAD drawings and managing projects in either an electrical, CAD and or mechanical disciplines as well as installation of plant and or equipment.

Manufacturing Technicians work as part of a team to provide both manufacturing and engineering support to multi-million pound units. They design, control, operate and troubleshoot specialised and complex processes and machinery central to business activities, to optimize the process and react to problems to maintain line efficiencies and measures.  Technicians set up, operate and control the process and monitor product quality and integrity, assisting engineering maintenance work. They are heavily involved in continuous improvement and business improvement techniques to get the best out of the process, altering processes to carrying out fault finding and problem solving to consideration of environmental factors and recording procedures.

Safety, Health and Environment Technician – The Technician will work with the management and delivery team of the organisation to advise on the statutory health, safety and environmental requirements as they affect the company’s operations. They will assist the management team in ensuring that the legal and company SHE requirements are implemented.  This is a fully site based apprenticeship.

The new standard apprenticeships are as follows, the links take you to the relevant Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IFATE) web page showing the current details and independent standards.

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