Our selection process is very robust and thorough. We can undertake this process on behalf of our employers, or in conjunction with you, using your preferred recruitment methods.

We have minimum entry criteria based on a minimum of 5 GCSE’s at grades 4-9 or A-C in English, Mathematics and Sciences.

We can provide selection services if required, and most client choose this process. There are however companies that prefer to undertake their own processes. Waterside Training will still require initial assessment information and qualifications on entry for any apprentice that is recruited solely by the employer.

It should be noted that Waterside Training reserves the right to refuse entry to the apprenticeship programme any apprentice recruited solely by the employer that is deemed to be unsuitable for the apprenticeship programme on the completion of all initial assessment results.

Prior to recruiting your apprentice, Waterside will complete some company checks prior to on-boarding services to ensure you have the right processes to support an apprentice.

  • Discuss with you how to Select your Apprenticeship Standards
  • Ensure the job role covers the apprenticeship standards by completing a Range of Work Form covering the chosen standard in line with your business and apprenticeship job role.
  • Request completion of Job Profile for on-boarding purposes
  • Completion of a range of advertisements by devising and circulated advertisements to local schools and colleges and link to the DAS Government Find an Apprentice Service to advertise your vacancy.

Step 1 – Application Form

All candidates apply through our on-line application vacancy page via the Waterside website.

Following initial screening and first round shortlisting applicants will be invited for the aptitude testing. It is important that we obtain your full details of your vacancy profile to be able to build your advertisement on our vacancy page. This is will then allow candidates to apply for your vacancy.

Step 2 – Aptitude Testing

Candidates undertake a selection of test papers to review ability for the apprenticeship from,

  • Verbal Comprehension
  • Technical Understanding
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Spatial Recognition
  • Electrical Reasoning
  • Colour Blindness Assessments
  • Full individual assessment report on each individual will be provided if suitable for final interview.

Step 3 – First Interviews at Waterside Training

Following successful testing, successful candidates are invited to a first interview, here we aim to establish motivations, communication skills, interpersonal skills, relevant experience, work ethic and career aspirations.

As part of the interview the candidates are given simple mechanical and electrical questions which tests basic understanding in each discipline. The candidate is assessed on their approach to answering these questions, and their underlying knowledge demonstrated, which is also demonstrated by exploring their interests, skills and behaviours.

From this stage, suitable candidates are selected to go on to the employer selection stage, second interviews.

Step 4 – Second Interviews

Successful candidates are invited to final interviews held at the employer client premises. This incorporates the candidate giving a short presentation on themselves, detailing their skills/qualities and their understanding of the company they are applying to.

You may wish to insert your own recruitment methods at this stage and run an assessment centre to allow the company representatives to observe their skills such as communication, team-working and leadership, via a range of activities or use of own company processes, such as interviews, group exercises, practical assessments and presentations.

Step 5 – Offer

Upon selection, Waterside will communicate with successful candidates and inform them of the offer of an apprenticeship on behalf of the client employer and inform the employer of the candidate’s

Acceptance before transferring to the company to complete on-boarding.

Onboarding and Registration

Waterside will organise an induction training day to invite all successful candidates in to complete enrolment paperwork and advise of the Apprenticeship Handbook. Waterside will then coordinate all necessary apprenticeship signup paperwork at this point, and create the training agreement and training plan along with apprenticeship agreement contracts and advise on funding and grants that may be available at the time. Once all enrolment is completed this will be signed by all parties, the training provider, the apprentice and the employing company.

To welcome both the apprentice, their parents and the employing company representatives we will hold a Signing Evening at Waterside in the early stages, to welcome all parties and official sign the apprenticeship agreement.

Call now on 01744 616837 to discuss your apprenticeship opportunities in how you can brighten your future in recruiting an apprentice through Waterside Training.

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