Once you have applied for an apprenticeship through Waterside Training all communication to arrange appointments in line with your application will be completed via email, please check your emails and junk folder to keep track of your application.

If you do not receive any feedback within 10 days of submitting your application, then please contact the office on 01744 616837 to check the progress of your application.

Select the main position/vacancy you wish to apply for.

You only need to complete one application. If you are interested in other positions, then please email [email protected] to confirm your position of preference to be added to your application.

All positions will be discussed during the interview process to select the correct position should you move forward to the selection pool.

Please ensure you complete the application form accurately and honestly providing any details that we may need to be made aware of such as any learning or disability conditions so we can make reasonable adjustments throughout the process. Failure to declare any conditions or be dishonest on your application may result in your application being terminated.

Please enter as much information as possible remember the person reading your application is the first person to provide an impression of you.

Give examples where appropriate to demonstrate your interest for the position.

Demonstrate your reasons for applying and why you want to complete the apprenticeship along with any examples such as external activities, school activities, club memberships.

Are you a member of clubs, hobbies and interests are important.

Check your grammar and spelling as presentation is also important.

Please call 01744 616 837 or contact us for more details