Who should attend?

This half day course is designed for those in the building trade, installation services or maintenance engineers. It identifies the health risks associated with accidental exposure to the release of air borne asbestos and how to minimize this risk during the course of work activities.

Why is this course important?

The course aims to reduce dangerous exposure of asbestos by focusing on where it can be found and how to recognise it by addressing the different types of products commonly used within non domestic buildings, as well as why and how asbestos is dangerous.

Asbestos Awareness course contents

  • What is asbestos? Why was it used?
  • How does asbestos get into our body? What are the dangers?
  • Where asbestos can be found? Who is at risk?
  • Introduction to asbestos regulations/ duty holder options
  • What you can do to protect yourself and others

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