The Consolidation Phase, which is typically months 13 – 45, will focus on developing further skills and capability of on site activities supported by further guided learning, enabling the apprentice to eventually work effectively and independently with minimum supervision. This part of the training programme will be carried out at the employing company. Both Waterside and your Employing Company will help prepare the apprentice during this period by further training, shadowing, mentoring, technical discussion, portfolio job write ups and observations to finally prepare the apprentice for the End Point Assessment.

At the end of the Consolidation Phase the apprentice will have completed their training and through ongoing competence evaluation, including behaviours evaluation, they will have generated a range of evidence to show they meet the apprenticeship standard.

A suitably qualified and experienced nominated employer representative who is qualified to Level 3 or above should be selected who can be registered and sign off the competency log, a record of the apprentices continuous competence evaluation to show they are ready for the formal end assessment.

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