Once an apprenticeship standard has been chosen, Waterside will then design your delivery plan of the apprenticeship through the Foundation Phase, Consolidation Training Phase, Site Based Training through to End Point Assessment. You may wish to use your own Training Matrix or we can provide to help plan the training of the apprenticeship.

The delivery plan is made up of:

  • Academic Training
  • Apprenticeship Standard (SIMT, SMT, EDD, MOET)
  • Foundation Training
  • Additional Training
  • Site Based Training

The End Point Assessment will be completed upon successful completion of all evidence been complied by the apprentice. Our Waterside team of assessors will help guide you however, overall responsibility remains with the employer in signing off the site based work the apprentice completes to provide competency.   The employer must declare competency of the standards prior to being submitted for End Point Assessment.

Please call 01744 616 837 or contact us for more details