The first phase of training will be The Foundation Phase, which is typically the first 1 -12 months, to focus on developing the apprentice’s core skills, knowledge and behaviours, specifically around working safely, complying with internal and external regulations and following procedures. Training will either be carried out at Waterside Training Centre if on the 5-day model or at the company site if on the 1 day model.

The foundation training will culminate in Gateway 1, a review of skills by suitably qualified and experienced personnel from the nominated training partner that will provide assurance that the apprentice has the understanding of the principles of working safely whilst following quality systems within a regulated environment. This may be by means of technical discussion/review along with a small exam. This will help prepare you for what the End Point Assessment will be like. Evidence of completion of this gateway is confirmed in a log that is a record of continuous competence evaluation. Completion of this log will be a pre-requisite for participation in the formal end assessment.

Waterside can provide three delivery models to choose from;

  • Full time model – the apprentice attends Waterside for 5 days a week in the first full academic year (September to June) and receives academic, practical and specialist training, in addition professional development training.
  • Multiple day release – the apprentice attends 2 or 3 days a week in Waterside to attend the academic day and a specialist training day and the rest of the week is with the employer.
  • Day release – the apprentice starts their apprenticeship attending 1 day a week in Waterside for pure academic study only, and 4 days with the employer.

Waterside can offer a “pick and mix” model to suit the needs of your organisation.

A full training plan, handbook and qualification content will be provided to both the employer and the apprentice.

All progress is logged using an electronic tracking platform called “OneFile”. Apprentices, tutors, assessors and employers will all have access to this, and progress is monitored and tracked from day one until the end point assessment.

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